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Erim is a major protagonist in the Aiogara series.

Character Details


Erim was born 77 years ago in the fifth age to Iŝius and Haelienne. As her appearance and magical affinities matched her mother's, she was born into the Arctis caste. From a young age, Erim was incredibly precocious for a Sinistral child, studying by age two topics that a teenage Sinistral may study. Her abilities of foresight began to manifest around this time, and she stated her intentions to become the next King by slaying the sitting King. She eventually gained an audience at age five, and was able to kill the king through use of a poisoned gift and a dagger fitted with a toxin. Due to law, her mother and father assumed regency until she reached the age of twenty. However, Erim called all the shots, as her rapidly developing skills intimidated even her parents and sister. Haelienne was later murdered by Deltios and the Black Dawn and she blamed her inability to foretell this and prevent it on herself, attempting suicide at age fifty by jumping off a waterfall. Her premonitions in the resulting fever dream resulted in her interest, both professionally and romantically, in Auros, the future king. She watched over him and orchestrated their meeting.


Erim is the First King, as the Sinistrals were the first of the races to be born of the creation gods. Erim is, by all accounts to her people a competent, fair and compassionate ruler only disliked by those who see her as favoring humans or as illegitimate by virtue of her low caste. Possessing a wide array of magical skills that include the world altering Crypticism, her skills are unparalleled by many. Her physical abilities are below average for most Sinistrals, but far above that of most of humans. Speaking with an upper class register, and always aiming for refinement, grace and eloquence, Erim is known to be fickle about her physical appearance, obsess over minor details, and to be a cold, calculating negotiator. Below her refined behavior and compassion is a ruthless, pragmatic and infatuous person whose mental stability depends solely on Auros. If he ever were to die or disappear, she would abandon any and all restraints.

Erim's goals as a ruler are to open trade between the Sinistral and Eiranic kingdoms, establish a strong military alliance, end human slavery and consumption, and open the Great Divide. These goals are all prophesized to be necessary to defeat the Accursed, an enemy about which little is known, but is capable of poisoning the minds of Man, Elf and Sinistral alike. On a personal level, Erim's goals are to understand the nature of her powers, secure her power on the throne and to have Auros fall in love with and marry her of his own free will.