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Aiogara: The Two Kings

The first in a series of books covering the story of the people of the world of Aiogara.

Hundreds of years of warfare have caused much of the population of humanity in Aiogara to fall to the two Elvish nations. Auros, the newly crowned king of Eiran has a vision for his people. Believing that his people suffer because of misfortune by the Sinistrals, he seeks the legendary people out. As he approaches, sword in hand to defeat the Sinistral King he finds himself instead proposed an alliance. With the unlikely ally found in the Sinistral King, Auros finds himself in the midst of a conspiracy that threatens Eiran and the stability of the entire world of Aiogara.

Planned Release

Originally set for 2020, Aiogara's release date has been pushed back indefinitely. Aiogara: The Two Kings will be available both as an eBook and in print under self-publishing. Currently, Aiogara is undergoing copyediting and proofreading.