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Auros is the primary protagonist in the mainline Aiogara series.

Character Details


Auros was born 19 years ago in the fifth age to Amasé. His mother began to have religious experiences while pregnant, and thus was taken in by the Divinity Sect, the dominant belief in Eiran at the time. On the day of his birth, Auros was placed in the care of a wet nurse and several caretakers from the Divinity Sect and molded into the next King of Eiran through the Hinter-dominated Paladin training. Through more than fifteen years of physical, mental and emotional torture, Auros was hardened into a warrior. At age 16 he proved his combat readiness during the Xartez Uprising, in which he massacred the city's occupied zone. At age 19 he was crowned King, but was little more than a puppet of the Divinity Sect. Through his master, he was compelled to travel to the Sinistral realm at the cost of his own life.


Auros is the Second King, as the Man was the second of the races to be born of the creation gods. Auros possesses an education in combat, healing, and basic ruling tasks such as taxes and war, but is otherwise ignorant of the wider world. This was intentional, as he was intended to be a pawn. Years of psychological abuse hardened his emotional side, making him appear stoic in some instances, and in others awkward, stilted and unable to adequately express himself. Like most humans, Auros only knows of Sinistrals through folklore and religious polemics, deriding them as Succubi and Incubi. When he meets the King of Sinistrals, he is utterly surprised at how civilized he is treated and how they resemble humans. Auros possesses deep seated fears and insecurities due to not experiencing normal childhood, relationships, or bonding with people. As such, he longs for friends and people who understand him, and has trouble accepting or asking for help. For much of the story, Auros is unaware of Erim's advances and only bonds with her over shared experiences in battle, through her support of him, and over time, deep seated feelings that develop out of a feeling he needs to be loved.